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Fibula Teeth is a one-day course structured for surgeons wishing to offer their patients immediate dental implants and/or teeth during major jaw reconstruction.  Microvascular surgeons already placing immediate implants can take their cases to the next level by placing immediate teeth.   Not a microvascular surgeon?  We'll teach you to do this with your ENT or Plastics colleagues.  This course focuses on digital planning of fibulas and implants in a restoratively driven position.  The technique utilizes virtual surgical planning and guided surgery.  Even if you don't place immediate teeth, you will know how to plan the case for immediate implants in an ideal position for later dental restoration.

Current technology allows for an implant surgeon and microvascular surgeon to employ a team approach to accomplish complete bone and dental rehabilitation of complex jaw defects.  While this course will mostly be utilized by implant surgeons and prosthodontists, microvascular surgeons will also benefit from understanding dental implant and restorative concepts. 

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